Why We Chose INNOVA For Our Shop

We have attended scores of quilting shows as vendors as well as quilters. We have tested almost every conceivable quilting system out there, and some of them are not longer "out there".

It became evident that INNOVA was technologically better in terms of equipment, electronics, design, programming, and materials than the competition. That's not to say that other machines don't fill an niche and have something good, but INNOVA is clearly better all-around.

We specifically improved the following by moving to INNOVA:

  • Cleanliness of the quilting area. INNOVA has sealed bearings. Their runners are designed to avoid the black aluminum oxide grit. These result in a cleaner quilting area and cleaner quilts!
  • Improved sewing appearance on both front and back.
  • Improved safety features to protect the quilt.
  • A flat quilting surface is maintained. This allows for easier alignment, tension, and stitching quality.
  • Time saving features.
  • The ability to view actual size of the stitching before a single stitch is made.
  • The actual stitching location is displayed.

These are in addition the our prior capabilities:

  • Edge-To-Edge to Custom Quilting and all points in between.
  • Borders and corners are integrated. This reduces the tie-offs and the need for "Corner-Stones" when borders don't tie together seamlessly.
  • It gives us the ability to demonstrate the look and the size of the stitching rather than just looking at the patterns in the book. This is important for any quilts other than Edge-To-Edge.
  • There is a "trim" capability to allow stitching around applique.
  • Patterns can be "morphed" to fit inexact blocks and block sizes.
  • Edge-To-Edge patterns are kept straight and in-line with the quilt without doing all of the "stuffing" of the frames.
  • We now have the ability to connect different patterns without tie-offs.
  • Better stitch and pattern control when borders are of uneven width.
  • The precision of pattern placement is improved. This allows placement that gives the "heirloom" look.
  • There are fewer tie-offs required on custom quilts.
  • Patterns can be easily rotated and "cropped" to fit in edge blocks

All of these factors improve on the high quilt quality for which we are known.

For a more information and videos check out the INNOVA web-page.