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“Thank you for sharing your so many of your tips, tricks and techniques! The information has saved me countless hours while noticeably improving my quilting skills. I am getting so much more out of my Innova quilting machine. The course work is very easy to follow and presented in a manner that is easy to learn and retain. The knowledge I’ve gained has given me the confidence to take on much more challenging projects. Thank you!” - John W.

 "These well-written exercises really inspired me to use the Draw Tool more often. I always knew it was there, waiting for me to use, but I didn't often have the inspiration to reach for it. Now I am looking at this tool with an entirely new appreciation for what I can do with it! The Draw Tool will now be a "go to" tool every day --- thanks to this book!" - Robin H.

“Thanks Rick and Ruthanna for producing this exclusive training material! You have demystified editing and drawing digital patterns for computerized quilting. The booklet and videos are simply perfect for self-study.” - Julie L.

When Ruth got her AutoPilot Mach 3s, she no longer asked me for new designs and alterations of existing designs. Prior to the Innovas I had designed over 1,600 designs, which are for sale on our web-site. I haven't designed anything since we purchased the Innovas. – Rick G.